Just Say Yes

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! As you can probably tell, I’ve made a few changes to the blog. I have been messing around with the customizer for the past few days. (If there is anyone out there with WordPress experience, feel free to send some tips my way!) Now my Instagram is linked, there’s an About page and a logo, and you should be able to search my posts (all 4 of them)! Hopefully, as I get better at this I will figure out ways to make this site as navigable and user-friendly as possible!

As part of the new year, I joined this amazing online book club on a whim. I always teased my mom for being part of book clubs when I was growing up. Something about them sounded so nerdy. But something about this particular book club really drew me in, and so far it has been amazing! The goal is to read one book a month, every single month, for this entire year. Along the way, there are journal entries and meditations, and there is a Facebook group where all of the women can connect! I stumbled upon it when I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, and I am so glad I took the plunge and said yes to join.

This is sort of ironic because the first book we are reading is Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. If you have never heard of Shonda Rhimes, you’re wrong. (I didn’t think I knew who she was) Turns out, this woman is everywhere. She is the mastermind writer behind Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, and the producer of How to Get Away With Murder. Essentially, she’s the queen of TV.

Shonda, a chronic introvert like myself, was called out by her sister for always saying no to things. That really stuck with her, and she made a vow to herself to say yes to everything that scared her for a year, hence, the Year of Yes. I won’t give anything away in case any of you would like to read it. If you do, I guarantee that you will love it.

I find myself saying no to things ALL. THE. TIME. Granted, I’m not being asked to give the Dartmouth commencement speech like Shonda, but still. Nine times out of ten, I’d rather be curled up in my bed binge watching Shameless than hanging out with my friends. (sorry guys) But why? I seriously can’t think of one good reason. My friends are amazing, why wouldn’t I want to hang out with them?

Since starting the Year of Yes, I have been making a conscious decision to say yes to things. If my friends are hanging out, I’m going to get off my butt and go. Tomorrow I’m trying Orange Theory for the first time which scares the shit out of me. If my boss needs someone to pick up a shift and I’m free, I’m going to take it. I drove up to Penn State to visit friends for a night totally last minute and had a blast. It honestly feels so good. I am a master of coming up with excuses for things but it’s exhausting. I always feel like I’m walking on eggshells around people when I weasel my way out of things. Ultimately, I just end up bored in bed and wake up with bags under my eyes from staring at my computer. Who in their right mind would CHOOSE to have bags under their eyes?!?

Most of the time, saying no is the easy response. But easy isn’t always good, and I’d rather be busy and fulfilled than bored and lonely. Trust me. I spent the entirety of my freshman year of college in my bed, bored and lonely, even though the entire city of Dallas was right outside my door. Being bored and lonely is the WORST. My rule of thumb the past few weeks has been: If I find myself tempted to say no to something, I should say yes. So far, it hasn’t failed me. The introvert in me is screaming no, but hopefully, with time, that voice will quiet down and yes will become second nature.

What are things that scare you? Things that make you uncomfortable? What are things you usually say no to, even when you know you should say yes? Try it! Say “yes”. It changed Shonda’s life and I’ve seen small changes in my own. Nothing is ever as scary as it seems, not even the dark (that’s my biggest fear by far).

I’ll put a link to Year of Yes on Amazon at the bottom of this post! I promise you, you’ll love it! Thank you so so much for reading today’s post. No, not every post will be as deep or emotional as my first two, but it’s my hope that there is something you can take away from it. Just know, I appreciate your time so much!

In grace and gratitude, in love and light, see you next week!

5 thoughts on “Just Say Yes”

  1. Hi Maggie, I found your blog post through the awesome bookclub in which I participate too. I totally like what you write about the book and the book club. I try to say yes to more things too but still I didn’t have a big breakthrough. Your blog post resonated a lot with me… also that you say it’s only your 4th blog post. I started a blog too. I’m at 3 blog posts up to now… since half a year ago I didn’t write anymore because I felt like it’s insignificant what I have to say and nobody will read it anyway. But now your post motivates me to say Yes to my blog again and do it anyway (like in the big magic book). So thank you for encouraging me in progressing through your blog.


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